Friday, April 27, 2018

Guinness World Records : My contribution!

Feeling happy and blessed to have the
certificate from Guinness World Records!

I am dedicating this to my husband , kids and all my family members!!

My special thanks to Mrs.Subashri Natarajan (Owner & Founder of Mother India's Crochet Queens) for this wonderful opportunity!!

My special thanks to all MICQ members who helped me directly or indirectly
in the journey of this accomplishment!

The largest display of crochet sculptures is 58,917 items and was achieved by Mother India's Crochet Queens (India), in Chennai, India, on 21 January 2018.The MICQ group has just broken a Guinness World Records title for the third time, after unveiling the Largest display of crochet sculptures.

This significantly bettered the previous record of 13,388 crocheted sculptures that was achieved by British group, The Craft Club, back in 2014.

And here is my contribution!!

Join hands to Save Earth and Go Green is the theme for this attempt!

God created earth for living beings with various resources. Humans created money as one of the resources to enjoy God’s resources. However, to earn money, they started destroying natural resources for their enjoyment. If we continue this pattern of destruction, very soon there will be nothing left on earth. So let's Go Green to keep the Globe Clean!!

 These dolls are distributed/donated to the needy people across the country.

My finished work assembled on a mesh fabric.