Friday, June 5, 2009

Cell pouch for my Nokia 6300

Wow! I like the cell pouch very much which I crocheted two weeks back. I have chosen baby pink and maroon color yarns. The hook number used is 12G/2.50 mm. It is the basic chain stitch I used throughout and changing colors after every 4 rows. At last, to decorate further, I placed a small red rose made out of satin ribbon over the plastic leaves and stitched firmly over the pouch. I have added a small handle too so that the pouch can be put on the wrist fancily. I am very grateful to my mother for teaching how to crochet in my school days!

Note: Velcro can be fixed to cover the top portion of the pouch so that the cell phone is safe from falling.


  1. Ethu Girls ku mattum than use agum pola?

  2. Yes Vivek, it is for girls only. Guys prefer a leather pouch right?