Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gardener's Bookmark

This gardener's bookmark is so easy to make and is elegant!

Hook number: I used 11G/ 3.00mm.


CH -chain

SL ST -slip stitch

TRC -treble/triple crochet

SP -space

How to Crochet flower:

Row 1: With white, CH 3, SL ST in first chain to form a ring.

Row 2: CH 1, 12 SC in the ring. Join with SL ST in first SC. Fasten off.

Row 3: Join pink with SL ST in any ST, CH4, a TRC in same ST as first SL ST, CH4 and SL ST in the same ST(petal made). CH2, skip next ST. *(SL ST, CH4,TRC,CH4,SL ST in next ST, CH2, Skip next ST)Repeat from * around, join with SL ST in first SL ST and fasten off.

Row 4: Join white with SC in any CH2 SP, CH4, (SC, CH2,SC) in top of next petal, CH4, *SC in next CH2 SP, CH4, (SC,CH2.SC) in top of next petal,CH4. Repeat from * around, join with SL ST in first SC and fasten off.

Three more flowers are made with different colors of petal but same white border and all these flowers are joined together with a white thread and tapestry needle. Fold a satin ribbon of 6 inches in half. Insert fold in CH2 SP at bottom on one end of bookmark, pull ends through fold, pull to tighten.

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